Steps to Obtain a Patent

Steps to Obtain a Patent

Steps to Obtain a Patent

When you have an invention or formula, you should never delay in obtaining patent protection. However, seeking a patent is a complex process, and you should always have help from an experienced patent attorney.

Step number one is consulting with a legal professional who handles patent cases. You have a business to run, and there are many opportunities for costly errors and delays. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) encourages applicants to have a legal professional handling their applications, and for a good reason.

Once you hire the right attorney, ther will review your invention and evaluate whether it qualifies for a patent. This includes conducting a search to determine whether your invention is a new idea or if it is already patented in the U.S. or internationally.

If your invention qualifies for a patent, your lawyer will prepare your application, including all supporting documents, and file it with the USPTO. Your file will include drawings, descriptions, potential prototypes, and more. You achieve “patent pending” status once your application is under review by the USPTO.

The review by the USPTO can take many months, and your lawyer will handle all communications and every step of the patent prosecution stage. During this time, you can focus on building your business and getting your invention into the market. If your patent is initially rejected, it is not the end of the line. Your lawyer can appeal the rejection and provide additional information to support the patentiability of your invention.

Let Our Patent Attorneys Help You

Never wait to begin the patent process, as it can be lengthy. You want to hire a patent lawyer at the start of the process, and the legal team of Collaborative IP is ready to help. Contact us to discuss our services and your situation today.