Avoid these Mistakes Regarding Your Startup’s IP

Avoid these Mistakes Regarding Your Startup’s IP

Avoid these Mistakes Regarding Your Startup’s IP

You recently started a new company in Bozeman that provides snowmobile rentals and tours in the winter and bike and tube rentals in the summer. There are similar companies in the market, of course, so you need to make sure that you set your business apart and make the right decisions to achieve your goals. Avoid the following intellectual property mistakes to increase your chances of success.

Not Realizing You Have Important Intellectual Property

Perhaps you know you didn’t reinvent the wheel when you started your rental company in Montana, but this doesn’t mean you have no IP to consider. To stand out, you might have designed a particular name, logo, or even a slogan to differentiate your shop from other similar ones. However, you might not identify these things as IP that needs protection. In reality, you should seek trademark protection if possible to prevent others from copying your brand and confusing consumers who might choose your rental shop.

Trying a DIY Approach to IP

As a budding startup, your concern is likely keeping your costs as low as possible to increase profits during your opening seasons. This might tempt you to skip legal fees for things like intellectual property protections. You might think that you can save money and use the internet to guide you through the IP process. However, the internet cannot address real-life issues that arise or ensure that your IP has maximum coverage.

Our Montana IP Attorneys are Ready to Help

The legal team of Collaborative IP knows how critical intellectual property is for startups of all kinds, including businesses around Bozeman and throughout Montana. Our firm helps local businesses, as well as those across the country with a wide range of IP concerns. Contact our office to learn about our services and how we might benefit your business.