We collaborate with inventors to protect intellectual property.

Our collaborative approach will guide the process to affordable IP protection.

IP Attorneys Who Work With You

Are you an inventor or entrepreneur seeking to protect your startup’s intellectual property? This should be a priority, as IP can be one of the most valuable assets of your business. However, it is natural to worry about the cost of hiring a skilled IP lawyer, especially if your company is just getting started.

The good news is that our Collaborative IP team works with clients in your position at affordable fixed rates, so you can get intellectual property help you can rely on from experienced IP legal professionals.

From our office headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, our team works with local businesses and clients who make use of all the area has to offer, including hunting, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling. We also assist clients throughout the U.S. with their IP needs.

IP Strategy

The first step we take is to strategize and develop a plan for your intellectual property. There are different options when it comes to IP, and you need the right ones that apply to the nature of your IP and your operations. Strategies can address:

  • How to best protect each type of intellectual property
  • Management of your IP protections
  • Monetizing your intellectual property

Patent Services

If you have inventions, software, or other designs at the base of your business, we can help you with the entire patent protection process, from an initial evaluation to patent prosecution and licensing.

Trademark Services

Your startup’s brand is essential to its success, and our legal team works to protect your brand, company name, slogans, symbols, and more with proper trademark protection.


Many small businesses benefit from Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding, though these programs are highly competitive and the government contracts are complex. We can help you understand how your SBIR funding relates to your company’s IP ownership and rights.

Contact Our Montana Intellectual Property Lawyer Today

If you need assistance with any IP concerns, reach out to Collaborative IP for assistance. We have affordable packages that allow you to seek the protection you need without jeopardizing your bottom line.



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