Is my company’s invention patentable?

Patent law sets out specific requirements you must meet for “patentability,” which means that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will issue a patent for your invention or improvement on an existing invention. Put simply, the invention must be:

  • Statutory
  • Novel
  • Nonobvious
  • Useful

We can evaluate your specific invention and advise whether it might be eligible for a patent. If not, we can recommend further development toward patentability when possible.

Does my business always have to register a trademark?

Trademarks protect your company name, slogans, symbols, and related aspects of your brand. Before you register your trademark, you can use the “™” symbol, but once a trademark is registered, you can switch to the ® symbol. This gives others notice that you are the presumed owner of the trademark and also provides you with certain additional rights.

While there is no requirement to register a trademark to use it, doing so can better protect your company’s IP. It can discourage infringement and provide additional remedies should an infringement dispute arise.

Are patent and trademark attorneys too expensive?

As a startup, your budget and bottom line are likely your priority. You might not consider seeking official IP protections because you assume that hiring an intellectual property lawyer will be too costly. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you obtain the IP protections you need without jeopardizing your profits.

We offer clear packages with flat-fee rates instead of exorbitant hourly fees. You know what you are signing up for, and there are no hidden costs. We make it so startups can afford to hire legal representation to address their IP protection needs.

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