IP Strategy
IP Strategy

IP Strategy

Managing your startup’s intellectual property is not a one-time issue. Instead, it is something that needs attention on an ongoing basis to ensure that you maximize the potential and value of your IP. At Collaborative IP, we work closely with our clients to recognize their goals and strategize the best ways to meet these objectives through IP protection and management.

Protecting Your IP

Whether you have a business near Bozeman that involves fishing, hunting, and wildlife, or you have an internet company headquartered somewhere else in the U.S., we can identify the intellectual property protections that apply. These can include:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets

We take the necessary steps to apply for and obtain the proper protections, ensuring that you meet all relevant requirements and can rest assured that you have rights if someone misuses your IP.

Ongoing Management

IP protections are not effective if you do not properly manage your portfolio or optimize your processes. You should manage your IP like you would any other type of company asset, and you should always consider returns on your IP investments as part of your overall strategy. We can help you take a long-term point of view of your IP portfolio management and implement this strategy.

Monetization of IP

You want your intellectual property to work for your business, and we can help you maximize the value of your company’s IP. This can include entering into and managing licensing agreements, selling certain IP, acquiring other IP, and more. Our legal team helps to ensure you receive the maximum revenue from your intellectual property portfolio.

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If you need to develop an overall intellectual property strategy for your startup, look no further than Collaborative IP. Our Montana IP strategy attorney has reasonable rates that make it possible for new businesses to seek the professional guidance they need. Contact our office for more information today.