Trademark Services
Trademark Services

Trademark Services

Trademarks are critical intellectual property for most businesses, as they protect the various aspects of your brand identity. Proper preparation for a trademark helps to prevent any legal disputes where other parties accuse you of trademark infringement. Further, registering your trademark gives you the right to take certain legal action and seek additional relief should another party infringe on your trademark rights.

Our attorneys can help your business with this process and more.

Trademark Searches and Counseling

We have a network of skilled specialists who can conduct quick yet thorough searches of similar trademarks that might pose challenges to your goals. We deliver trademark clearance reports that use straightforward language, so you do not have to wade through complex legal jargon. We can advise you on our findings and whether anything puts you at risk of a dispute or enforcement issues in the future.

Trademark Registration

While you might own a trademark simply by using it, formally registering your mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has many additional benefits. Registration demonstrates your official trademark ownership across the U.S. and its territories from the date of your application. It also provides additional rights if someone else infringes on your mark, such as the right to seek damages in federal court.

Preparing a trademark application is a multi-step process, and we will ensure no errors are made along the way. We cover all the bases for the best chance at successful registration and official protection of your brand.

Learn More from a Montana Trademark Attorney

Trademarks are important intellectual property protections for all types of companies, and the Montana trademark attorney at Collaborative IP provides different packages – each with a clear, flat rate – for our trademark services. Contact our office for more information and to get answers to any questions that you may have.